June 13, 2013

Biking 15 miles...with a little help.

Matt and Logan biking the 11 loop twice just this week, 
but they have a little help with the hills part. I am the official driver. 
 I drive them to the top of the hill, then they bike downhill to the loop entrance, 
then bike the 11 miles around the river and then I pick them up. 
Allowing them to skip the HUGE...and LONG hill back home. 
Makes it much more enjoyable for all. 

October 18, 2011

Family Date Night in Leavenworth

Tonight we had a night on the town in Leavenworth...our VERY touristy town 20 minutes from us. It is so fun with their horse draw carriages adorn with autumn decor. Each of the beautiful shops look like they are straight from a picture book. We have been coming to Leavenworth together for years and have our routine of what stores we love to hit. I was a tiny bit saddened that the toy store was no longer on the list. They said they had "baby" toys and weren't interested...hmmp...when did that happen??? Logan saw the hat he is sporting and was knew it must be his...He is a funny kid.We went to a new restaurant this time that served crepes...oh my. We were all in heaven.  We ended at the old fashioned candy store where Logan got his usual sucker with a bug in it and had no problem chopping away at it's head... Again...a funny kid. We blasted music all the way home and danced and sang at the top of our lungs. Alternating from Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, Veggietales I love my Lips, YMCA and Christmas songs. (Logan's pick) I love these kind of perfect evenings with just my family. They are heaven on earth.

October 09, 2011

Escape to... Oregon?

We had planned to go camping this weekend however the forecast was rain, rain, and more rain. So we pulled out the map and looked for places that may not have rain. We got further and further until we ended up in Oregon. We drove 6 hours in hopes of escaping the rain.

With no success. I know we are nuts.
We drove up to our KOA spot in the rain. But it didn't rain on anyone's parade...literally as NOTHING stops them from camping. We did rent for the first time a KOA cabin, which was very cozy, clean and warm and would recommend. They fell in love with Oregon, and were sad we were only there for such a short time. We MUST go back.

We missed the bus all around though....
We missed the sand castle competition. (they rescheduled because of rain)
We missed any food left at the world renowned bakery. We got their at noon, they laughed at us and told us everything is usually gone by 8am.
We missed the chance to climb the Lewis and Clark tower, they were doing fire rescue drills. We missed any sun...it really did rain. 24/7
I missed dry socks.

But we STILL loved it there and of course we had a blast together.

Love these dirty wet socks...

Starburst Smores....Our family specialty.

First time using special fire powder that makes your camp fire turn colors....oohh aahhh...

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